Breaking point.

I had to brake Slow down the speed At which I had been running by With its collision I realized I had to break Be emptied out Where there was nothing left For, only then With all that remained Your arms surrounded me And whispered Let go Darling, please let go Quit trying to do … More Breaking point.


this isn’t possible the ways in which the human heart breaks into fragmented pieces like broken glass after the unforeseeable has occurred like a nightmare the screams echo through the void only this time i don’t wake up from the fear for flesh and bone this nightmare is my reality this doesn’t feel possible as … More nightmare.

Keep your chin up

Wandering heart and mind Please just take a moment To rest, to breathe To take it all in Keep soldiering on Tightly, you grip the pages Hoping to write the story All on your own Fearful of what will happen When you let go Keep your chin up Wandering soul Please just take a moment … More Keep your chin up

Darkest before dawn.

“Do you know why it’s so dark outside?” Whispers the groaning halls Stuttering with my steps Stumbling with my words I reply back “Because it’s still nighttime.” The whisper of the dark halls Carries me to the window sill Where on the horizon Illuminated colours Of yellow and orange Begin to paint the edge of … More Darkest before dawn.