Through my Hazel Eyes.


(n). a colour that combines light brown with green and gray

I am one of the 5-8% of the world’s population that has hazel eyes and I must admit that my eyes are my favourite feature. A quality of hazel eyes is that the colour changes shade depending on a variety of circumstances, whether that be the light of the room or the colour of the shirt you are wearing. This change in colour made me think about the fact that our life experiences combine with God’s light to give us a certain perception on life, a perception that is meant to be shared with others.

Writing is my heartbeat, it always has been. As much as I enjoy writing fiction novels (Side note: You can purchase Unkempt Secrets from The War here!), what I enjoy the most is seeing how my writing, intertwined with God’s light, has brought colour to people’s lives. I hope that through my hazel eyes, you can perceive life with a new light that breathes encouragement, hope and excitement into your daily living.

I am passionate about Healthy Loving, Travelling, and Loving People, so explore these pages, say hello, and learn to see God’s world through hazel eyes, of which each of us have something different to offer this world.


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