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Jen Malech Books Co: Read, Travel, Love.

Welcome to my blog, the behind the scenes of Jen Malech Books Co.

Over the years, I have loved connecting with other travel enthusiasts, readers, and those who aspire to make an impact on this generation.

My blog first started during my college years when studying Journalism at Azusa Pacific University. It started as a tool to encourage others, through the experiences and travels that have shaped the way I view the world.

Now, my little blog has grown into Jen Malech Books Co, a place to connect with other aspiring writers, travellers, and entrepreneurs who are hoping to use their hands and feet to make an impact in our community and every day world.

Our Vision: Read. Travel. Love.
Our Mission: Write to give back.

For every book purchase, our hope is give back to others and use our words to make an impact in other people’s lives in a tangible way.
A certain percentage of all book sales are given towards non-profit organizations that are making a difference in many people’s lives. In the past, JM Books Co. has donated to Operation Blessing, World Vision, Charity:Water, A-21, IMPACTJUNKIE and individual’s mission trips.

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unkempt secrets from the war


Hello friend,

Whether you are planning a trip, are looking to self-publish, or simply just need an encouraging word, I hope to connect with you. Sign up to be connected to all the latest below!

My hope is to make this a community that will allow us all to learn, be inspired to follow our dreams, and love well. Until next time, cheers!

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About Me:

I’m just an L.A. Loving girl from the Bay Area, who can’t imagine living anywhere that wasn’t right by the ocean. In 2016, I graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a B.A. in Communication Studies and an emphasis in Journalism. I’m a lucky enough human being who gets to write for both work+pleasure, and don’t take one day of this beautiful life for granted. I believe people need people, so I write for others, to remind us (you and me both) that we are not alone.   A few fun facts:  I’ve visited four of the seven continents. I drink way too many cups of tea a day. And, I’d like to think my British accent is pretty on point. Cheers to the journey ahead!