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Jen Malech Books Co: Read, Travel, Love.

Welcome to my blog, the behind the scenes of Jen Malech Books Co.

Over the years, I have loved connecting with other travel enthusiasts, fiction readers, and those who aspire to make an impact on this generation.

My blog first started during my college years when studying Journalism at Azusa Pacific University. It started as a tool to encourage others, through the experiences and travels that have shaped the way I view the world.

Now, my little blog has grown into Jen Malech Books Co, a place to connect with other aspiring writers, travellers, and entrepreneurs who are hoping to use their hands and feet to make an impact beyond just this generation.

My Motto: Read. Travel. Love.

Explore the sight’s topics (Health, Faith, Travel, Books) + feel free to connect with me. There is nothing I love more than meeting new people!

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unkempt secrets from the war



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Hello Friend,

Please feel free to say hello and share what you would like to see on the blog. Whether you want to learn more about the Keto diet/Healthy Living, want to learn how to self-publish, want to learn how to live a more balanced life, or need tips on how to travel on a budget, let us know in the comment section!

My hope is to make this a community that will allow us all to learn, be inspired to follow our dreams, and love well. Until next time, cheers!

Happy reading,