About The Author

Hi, I’m Jennifer Malech!

Born and raised in California, I can’t imagine living anywhere that wasn’t near the ocean. Having grown up in the Monterey Bay, where quaint cottage villages and old bookstores were apart of my upbringing, I naturally became an old soul. I’ve been writing ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand and as a kid, would often gift people with short stories, before writing my first book in high school. After receiving my B.A. in Communication Studies and Journalism, I decided to take my writing more seriously and published my first book, Unkempt Secrets from The War.

My first three historical fiction books are all set in England and written in Brit English. I guess you could say I like a good challenge. My first interest in British culture came about when I was in Elementary school, when I had to read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Years later, it is C.S. Lewis’ writings that have made the deepest impact in both my writing and my faith. Alongside C.S. Lewis, author Kate Morton has had the greatest influence on me as an author. Her books is what made me fall more in love with mystery novels and historical fiction.

I can only hope that through my writing, lives can be impacted by the One who has breathed creativity into every chapter of my life. Through the gift of writing, God has given me the ability to take my experiences and tell them through the lens of fiction. I am so grateful for writing and for you, the reader, who has decided to give these books a chance.


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JM Books Co Mission: Write to Give Back

For every book purchase, a certain percentage of all book sales are given towards non-profit organizations making a difference in many people’s lives. In the past, JM Books Co. has donated to NGO’s such as World Vision and Operation Blessing, as well as home and foreign missions.