will this ever end?

will this ever end? there’s a lamentation springing from these walls we paint the floors in circles our conversation good as nothing will this ever end? there’s a psalm trying to break free we read through the lines our emotions never truly expressed will this ever end? i’m losing my song will this ever end? … More will this ever end?

Your life in mine

gently, you’ve shown me grace emerging from the dirt swiftly, you’ve taken me to heights i’ve never climbed before honestly, you’ve given me the space to try and figure it out on my own kindly, you’ve let me realize my hands are not sufficient on their own humbly, you’ve carried me without a second thought … More Your life in mine

gold, so pure.

it’s something new at least, that is how i feel in these years that i have known you it cannot be explained how you have pressed me into your palm with love that gives no conditions i am hopeful i am joyful i am free it’s something new at least, that is what I know … More gold, so pure.

Clipped Wings

Broken wings, mine are Unable to lift off the ground Bruised from the jagged cliffs I’ve fallen upon With fear in my heart I glance upward Wishing to depart From the rough terrain I’ve landed near Clipped wings, mine are Unable to leave this land Numb from the harsh winds I’ve been surrounded by Yet, … More Clipped Wings

We run in circles

We run in circles And, it feels more like a game Where we can’t ever Find the finish line Will it ever relent? Because I can’t keep Running this pace We run in circles And, you don’t see the Tunnel by which We have become entrapped by Will it ever relent? Because I’m losing sleep … More We run in circles

Breaking point.

I had to brake Slow down the speed At which I had been running by With its collision I realized I had to break Be emptied out Where there was nothing left For, only then With all that remained Your arms surrounded me And whispered Let go Darling, please let go Quit trying to do … More Breaking point.