Faces Carry On

It is strange To sit here in a room All alone And, imagine the faces Of strangers and friends All carrying on With the tasks of their day Where in this present hour They are somewhere Be that near or afar Eating, laughing, studying Loving, traveling, working Each individual life The present their own To … More Faces Carry On

Dear Teenage Me,

Your palms are sweaty The questions overwhelming It’s not your fault, says the voice in the room Your fists clench the psychologist’s fancy chair I already know that, you want to say But, you don’t So far removed from the stuffy office Your heart wanders To memories of the past year To the questions they … More Dear Teenage Me,


Like a scattered puzzle Pieces of my heart Are spread across The vast spaces Of time and innocence From which I do not know Which piece to pick up first Do I begin with the middle Or the edges? Like a church mosaic Pieces of my mind Are lost across The vast uknown Of generations … More Pieces.

Finding my heart

Standing unsteady Where the remnants of a storm Tries to carry me back to the past My breath collapses To what is known Hold on, my voice whispers Finding my heart Not in the voices of others Or, in the wavering Of my emotions Not in the clamor Of the day Or, in the silence … More Finding my heart