this isn’t possible
the ways in which
the human heart breaks
into fragmented pieces
like broken glass
after the unforeseeable
has occurred

like a nightmare
the screams
echo through the void
only this time
i don’t wake up
from the fear
for flesh and bone
this nightmare is my reality

this doesn’t feel possible
as my tears float
into the dead sea
floating to the surface
they remain
for all to see

like a nightmare
i’m running to escape
falling in and out
all over the place
bruised heels meet the floor
with such trepidation
the window panes shake

this is pain
unspeakable pain
what do you do with it?
where life and death mock
at one another
where happiness is a distant memory
that haunts you in your dreams

this is impossible.
yet, somewhere, in the
dark den of pain
a still small voice
whispers let go

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