Welcome to the official blog page of JM Books Co. My blog first started back when I was in college and has been a way for me to share my interests with others. From travel to poetry to the behind the scenes of being an author to encouragement for whatever season of life you are in, there is something for everyone. Choose from any category below. Happy Reading!

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Answers in the Desert

In a season where you have been waiting for answers, where your life feels dry and barren, it is right here where you come to know God in a way you wouldn’t have otherwise. It is in the desert season of our lives that we get a deeper revelation of who our God is.

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The Fight is Not My Own

When my lips quiverAnd, my bones shake I find strengthUnimaginableWhen I invite You intoThe battle Not for one momentAm I aloneThough the enemyTries his handAt the circumstancesThat rise before me I cannot fight this battle on my ownMy heart whispers“I know”You simply reply Offering You my swordYou take it in strideWith strength and wisdomNot even […]

Slaying the spirit of comparison

I’m touching a subject that we are all aware of: the spirit of comparison. Even if you don’t find yourself currently dealing with this, at one point or another, you will. None are exempt from this battle. Our flesh loves to compare itself to those around us. Think about it. Our flesh is something that […]

Loneliness in Leadership

When I first stepped into ministry, and specifically leadership, I had no idea that at times, it would be a very lonely place. The more I talked to the mentors in my life, I felt reassurance in knowing that I wasn’t the only leader who felt this way. They expressed that the one thing no […]

A Servant’s Heart: A Study in the Life of King David

This summer, I decided to spend some time studying the life of David (1 Samuel 16-1 Kings 2). As I studied, I began to realize that there is so much to unpack about David’s life, that you could spend well over a year teaching and learning from just these chapters in Scripture. While there are […]


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