Welcome to the official blog page of JM Books Co. My blog first started back when I was in college and has been a way for me to share my interests with others. From travel to poetry to the the behind the scenes of being an author to encouragement for whatever season of life you are in, I hope these posts bless you just as much as it was for me to write them.

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Answers in the Desert

In a season where you have been waiting for answers, where your life feels dry and barren, it is right here where you come to know God in a way you wouldn’t have otherwise. It is in the desert season of our lives that we get a deeper revelation of who our God is.

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In Control.

You control the wavesBy just the command of Your voiceWith the rising of the tideI watch as nothingTakes You by surprise You control the windsBreathing life intoThe earth that you created I listen as no soundHas ever been unheard by You And, so I knowAs I stare outAt the beauty of the PacificThat Your plans […]

The Gift of Vulnerability

As humans, vulnerability is one of the number one things we struggle with. You might say, “Jennifer, we live in a day and age where it seems that people are pretty vulnerable, especially in this digital age space.” Sure, this might be true. But, being vulnerable on social media isn’t really true vulnerability. At least, […]

Praise Precedes The Blessing

We praise God not for what He’s done, but for who He is. The reason the enemy tries to silence our praise is because He knows what authority we hold when we begin to worship God. Luke 19:40 states, “And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their […]

My 5 Craziest Travel Stories

Since we haven’t been doing much traveling lately, I’ve been watching old videos/scrolling through photos from past travels, re-living some of my most favorite adventures from around the world. After listening to my favorite travel vloggers (Stephen &Jess Perry-Valentine from Flying the Nest) on one of their latest podcast episodes, sharing their craziest travel stories, […]


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