Your life in mine

gently, you’ve shown me
grace emerging
from the dirt

swiftly, you’ve taken me
to heights i’ve
never climbed before

honestly, you’ve given me
the space to try and figure
it out on my own

kindly, you’ve let me realize
my hands are not sufficient
on their own

humbly, you’ve carried me
without a second thought
to what I’m asking

lovingly, you’ve held me
through my unfair questions
and tears that paint the night

graciously, you’ve knelt beside me
to lift my eyes
to a greater hope

wonderfully, you’ve revealed to me
life’s greatest gift
that is not earned

hopefully, you’ve reminded me
of your promises
that never run dry

tenderly, you’ve chosen me
to walk in strength
that lifts your name on High

thank you for the lonely roads
that reveal Your life in mine.

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