Sweet Surrender

It’s as vital
As breathing and eating
In the sweet morning hour
I find that I cannot continue
My day without it

Surrender paves the way
To His perfect peace
With my eyes set on Him
I surrender to His will
Working evidently in my life

As I surrender
I give thanks
To the One
Who is patiently
Pruning every branch that
Does not belong

It is only through surrender
That we become
The image bearers of Christ
So, may we
With all our flesh and bone
Bow before Him
And, humbly declare
Every part of us belongs to Him

In surrender,
I traded in my makeshift armor
For the blessed armor of God
In surrender,
I traded sorrow for joy
In surrender,
I let go of myself
And, found my true self
Being reflected through His Word
Which molds me, shapes me
To be more like Christ

Above all else,
This is what I desire
That I may become fully
The disciple He created me to be
Oh, what a blessing it is
To live in sweet, daily surrender!

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