Not this time.

We’ve been here before

Years ago

Yet, this time

I’m not letting any fact

Slip through the cracks

My hazel eyes

Stare into the mirror

My reflection

Singing to me

There’s no place on earth

That hasn’t felt these fears

So, what’s the use in pretending

They aren’t there

For, all you’ve known

Your whole life

Is to put on the armor

And, fight with only one eye open

All on your own

Without a word to the army

You fight alongside

But, not this time

Oh, darling, no, not this time

No fact is slipping through the cracks

Truth has revealed

It’s time

To say yes to the fight

As the reflection in the mirror

Sings revelation

Into your heart and mind

So, with a fervency in your lungs

You stare back and repeat

This battle is already the LORD’s

And, my sword is not my own

So, victory is sweet, forever mine.

  1. A beautiful blend of emotions and imagery, your words are a prime example of blissful poetry in motion! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them ☺️


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