Darkest before dawn.

“Do you know why it’s so dark outside?” Whispers the groaning halls Stuttering with my steps Stumbling with my words I reply back “Because it’s still nighttime.” The whisper of the dark halls Carries me to the window sill Where on the horizon Illuminated colours Of yellow and orange Begin to paint the edge of … More Darkest before dawn.

Not this time.

We’ve been here before Years ago Yet, this time I’m not letting any fact Slip through the cracks My hazel eyes Stare into the mirror My reflection Singing to me There’s no place on earth That hasn’t felt these fears So, what’s the use in pretending They aren’t there For, all you’ve known Your whole … More Not this time.

Be Set Free

I was your purpose I still am For I can see it In your eyes I understand that You are petrified Your thin lips Search for words But, neither of us speak Fear has you bound In chains I cannot free For, I can see it In your eyes I know your past Has kept … More Be Set Free