Your Masterpiece

Still I was trying to hold onTrying to see if I couldTake a peakInto the futureYou have for me But, tomorrow has not arrivedAnd, today is your giftSo, I live in the realizationThat right hereIs where I’m meant to be I shall not write the scriptI shall not skip aheadFor, as the next chapter awaitsI … More Your Masterpiece

grief comes in waves.

it’s a strange feelingone of which almost evokesno feeling at allas you go on livingyour lifeone minute to the next,wishing you could heartheir voice again. griefcomes in wavesfor a moment,you are at peaceas the steadinessof your heart beatingwith the tidemakes it feelas though all is alrightin the world but, then a memoryor, a longingcomes to … More grief comes in waves.

Answers in The Desert

Have you ever traveled to a desert before? I remember seeing Morocco’s deserts for the first time and feeling like there was no end in sight. That’s what it feels like when you are going through a desert. You’re parched for thirst and wondering how much longer it will be until you find what you’ve … More Answers in The Desert

The Key

I found a poem that I wrote in college and as I was reading it out loud, my heart filled with gratitude and joy, for the fullness that God has gifted me with. His love, everything I could ever need, everything that I will take to eternity with me, is already mine. This beautiful gift … More The Key

Remain in Me.

It’s been four months since I’ve written anything, at least here in this space. I have been writing a lot in my personal journals, though, and thought I would share an encouraging word that has been stirring in my heart over these past few months. In the day and age that we live in, there … More Remain in Me.