Seasons, they come and go Just as quickly as They have arrived And, that’s what we forget When we have moved Into the next season Trying to grasp What we know From the last But, it cannot come with us It must remain In the past That built us For today This day This season … More Seasons

Slow down

Slowing down Here, in the middle Of nowhere My heart softly beats As my mind instructs My soul To be still, be still Like the typing From a typewriter It’s the only noise I hear As my heart whispers Let go Let go of control Of the need to know What lies ahead So, that … More Slow down

simple life

it’s complex not at all what i imagined life to be it’s not what the girl with her two braids and, spunky spirit imagined for herself and, while i wish i could return to simpler times where it all was such bliss i count myself blessed to have known such simplicity and, even now all … More simple life