Uneven Odds

“Despite of the uneven odds

Beauty lifts from the earth.”

These are the words

To an ethereal melody

Where Sleeping at Last

Paints with every word

My testimony

The lyrics so mesmerizing

As tears spill down my cheeks

For, I remember the day

My whole world split in two

And, even now

In the remnants of the storm

The darkness

Has made the light count

For my story

Despite of the uneven odds

Carries strength and hope

For a world

That must know

Even though she has not returned to me

In good health

And, forgiveness is the lesson

He cursed me to learn

The burden he handed me

Has forced me to see

That darkness exists

To make God’s light

Truly count

So, that one day

When eternal light breaks through

All glory will be to the promise

That committed itself to the truth

Where despite of the uneven odds

Beauty arose from ashes

And, my story heals on

    1. Thanks! If you’ve never heard Uneven Odds by Sleeping at Last, give it a listen! It’s the number one song that I can relate to word per word…if I could give my testimony a song, it would be Uneven Odds. That’s why I wrote the poem, to convey that. ❤️

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