The Key

I found a poem that I wrote in college and as I was reading it out loud, my heart filled with gratitude and joy, for the fullness that God has gifted me with. His love, everything I could ever need, everything that I will take to eternity with me, is already mine. This beautiful gift is the reason we serve, pray, and give everything away so that others may come to know Him. My friend, the greatest key is found in surrender. So, here’s an old poem:

searching, relentlessly
for the key
to the treasure box
and the code
to the treasure map

i will go
to the ends of the earth
for it

tired and beat
my heart fails not
it wants nothing else
But this key

i will climb
the highest mountain
for it

this treasure isn’t temporary
it’s everlasting
His presence sweeter than perfume
His touch unfailing
His whispers so loving

i will go
to the furthest universe
for it

this key
unlocks new doors
fills my empty vessel
and gives
gives what I don’t deserve

Holy Spirit
His Spirit, my goodness
what a key
a key
that unlocks mystery
and takes me to be with my King

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