Nothing outside of Christ

I searched in other places
Wandered for awhile
Wondered how everything
Would turn out alright
Carried some of the weight
On my own
Grew weary from
The go, go, go
I became lost in
The dichotomy of our noisy world
And, the silence of my prayers
And, after trekking
For far too long
On my own strength
I surrendered
Every part of me
That tried to do this
On my own
Not in a crowded cathedral
But, in the quiet of my abode
I realized
He is the only One
To fill the void
Breathing unspeakable peace
Into the places that had been
Lost for far too long
Lost in His love
My lungs let out
A joyous song
And, when people ask
Wandering soldier
How did you make it through?
I’ll look them in the eyes
And, say
There is nothing outside of Christ

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