grief comes in waves.

it’s a strange feeling
one of which almost evokes
no feeling at all
as you go on living
your life
one minute to the next,
wishing you could hear
their voice again.

comes in waves
for a moment,
you are at peace
as the steadiness
of your heart beating
with the tide
makes it feel
as though all is alright
in the world

but, then a memory
or, a longing
comes to the surface
like the sudden onset
of the high tide
touching everything
without apology
and, you are reminded
once again
of the power
of emotion.

grief is shared
among us
and, while we do
our best to go on living
without those we love
we must remember
the gift their years brought
and, the gift we have today
this very day is
another day to remember
another day to embrace
another day to create
another day to worship
another day to love

we grieve,
but we are not without hope.

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