Faces Carry On

It is strange

To sit here in a room

All alone

And, imagine the faces

Of strangers and friends

All carrying on

With the tasks of their day

Where in this present hour

They are somewhere

Be that near or afar

Eating, laughing, studying

Loving, traveling, working

Each individual life

The present their own

To which I wish I could take a peak

But, I only have memories

Of their faces

Or, photographs to gaze upon

They have the present

Which cannot be compared

To moments gone

So, here I am

Sitting in a room

All alone

Wondering what adventures of their life

Is playing this hour

And, do they think of me?

As I sit here and read

Drinking peppermint tea

It is strange

To sit here in a room

All alone

And, know outside the doors of my home

The world moves on

Near and afar

Where friends and strangers

Carry on

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