Why Write?

Why does a composer write music? Why does an artist paint? Why do two humans create another life? While the answers may vary, there is one common theme that is woven through each of these answers and that word is love.

The dictionary definition of love is
(n). an intense feeling of deep affection

An affection for music, an affection for beauty and color, an affection for another human, an affection for life, these are reasons that we create. We create to understand the universe we live in, we create to express the depth of human emotion, and we create to touch other people’s lives.

Why does a writer write? I am often asked this question and in writing two fiction novels, I struggle to gather all the reasons why and put that answer in one sentence. So, here are a few.

I write to make sense of my life.
I write to let others know that they are not alone.
I write to give a voice to the voiceless.
I write to bring healing.
I write to touch people’s lives with stories of redemption, for I believe each and every one of us is living some story of redemption.
I write to say the things that others want to say, yet cannot quite find the words to say them on their own.

There is no such thing as perfect writing or perfect art. Whether you are writing a fictional story with motifs and symbolism that lace through the human heart in a metaphorical way or you are simply journaling the happenings of your day, don’t let this world tell you that you can’t do it. With an increased awareness of what other people are doing all around the internet, we can get so caught up in the lies. Your writing doesn’t measure up. There are so many other bloggers/writers out there, so why would you even think about starting your own? No one will read your stuff. You can’t write like all of those literature prodigies. They are lies.

Ask yourself, why do I write? If you are a musician, ask yourself why do I play music? Then, write all those things down. So, when you don’t measure up to someone else’s standards, or you have a bad day, or perhaps failed your piano solo, or receive a critical review that makes you believe that you are silly for even trying, take a step back and read your own words. Not the world’s words, but your own.

I don’t write to become a New York Times Bestseller. I don’t write to make millions, nor do I write to receive recognition.  I don’t write to receive 5 Stars on every single Amazon review, nor do I write to receive every ribbon and medal in the self-publishing circle.

Thus, when the days come when no one is buying my work, or I receive negative feedback from a stranger, I go back to my “Why I Write” list.

I write to bring hope, even if it’s only my own life. And, if that is the case, then all of it is worth it. So, create away, friend. No one is stopping you.

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