I finally see myself: A letter to the Type 3’s

Anyone who has been living in the 21st century knows how significant social psychology and personality has become in many aspects of our lives, including our relationships with one another and even leadership in the workplace. While I’ve always been a huge fan of the Meyers Briggs personality spectrum (Shout out to my fellow ENFP’s), … More I finally see myself: A letter to the Type 3’s

Hey Autumn.

To every day, there is a lesson to be learned. To every season, there is change. Upon the change of seasons, there can be mixed feelings of joy+sorrow. There is a sadness in the winds in having to say goodbye to what has been, yet there is also an excitement in the air for all … More Hey Autumn.

Why Write?

Why does a composer write music? Why does an artist paint? Why do two humans create another life? While the answers may vary, there is one common theme that is woven through each of these answers and that word is love. The dictionary definition of love is (n). an intense feeling of deep affection An … More Why Write?