Taste of Los Angeles.

When visiting a new city, you might become overwhelmed by the variety of coffee shoppes to choose from. Searching through Yelp and Instagram, you try to find the perfect spot that will give you just the energy you need for your vacation or business trip.

Before I moved to Los Angeles, the only sip of coffee I had ever tasted was a Starbucks Frappucino. Really? Yes, I know. I was a fake coffee drinker.

College changed everything. Quite quickly.

I drank my first cup of black coffee by the second week of classes and was wondering where this magical bean had been my entire life. Fast forward five years, and I have been to more than thirty coffee shoppes throughout Los Angeles.

Now, that I am a Los Angeles resident, I thought I would share with you all my top ten favourite coffee shoppes in the Greater Los Angeles area.

10. Stumptown Coffee (DTLA)


I first had Stumptown Coffee in Portland, and was quite excited to find that there was a new shoppe just a short drive away from one of my favourite spots, The Last Bookstore. 

9. Lavendar & Honey (Pasadena)

Lavendar on Toast, Lavendar in coffee? As odd as it may sound, it is truly a refreshing blend that I would highly recommend. There isn’t much seating, but all the same, a must try!

8. Starbucks Reserve, West Hollywood

FullSizeR (5).jpg

When I lived in Seattle, I visited the Starbucks Roastery quite a few times, and was delighted to find that there is now a Roastery Reserve in West Hollywood. The Reserve offers Starbucks drinks that can only be exclusively found at Roastery locations.

7. Blue Bottle Coffee (Los Angeles)

I am partial to Blue Bottle Coffee since I grew up in the Bay Area, which San Francisco is this gem of a coffee shoppe’s hometown. Blue Bottle is centrally located in DTLA, right across from the Grand Central Market. So, grab lunch and an Iced New Orleans from Blue Bottle!

6. Wahfles Cafe (La Verne)


While this coffee shoppe is a bit of a drive, though still in the Greater Los Angeles area, about a 45 minute drive from DTLA, it’s one of my favourite coffee spots (I wrote my Organizational Comm. Research paper on this place and after hundreds of hours spent observing, researching and writing about their organization, I’m all in.) This shoppe makes you feel as though you are spending time in your living room with friends you have known for years. Plus, they have waffles(savoury waffle sandwiches, waffle croutons in soup, and waffles that satisfy those sweet cravings, what more could you ask for?)

5. Paper or Plastik Cafe 


This is a hidden gem in Hollywood. There is plenty of room and homey vibes that make you want to stay for hours.

4. Urth Cafe (Hollywood, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Pasadena)

You might spy a celebrity or two if you dine at the West Hollywood or Los Angeles location. Not only are their coffees and teas flavourful, but their desserts are absolutely divine. Not to mention, Brunch here is quite popular and worth all the talk.

3. Copa Vida (Pasadena)



When I was taking Journalism in College, my research partner and I had the opportunity to film, and interview Copa Vida’s manager, which was an absolutely delightful experience. During weekend nights, there are a variety of artists that offer live music which creates the perfect ambience for any occassion.

2. Alfred Coffee at Melrose Place (West Hollywood)

During my first experience at Alfred Coffee, I was journaling and sipping on an espresso when I looked up to find a camera crew filming an episode of something rather. (This actually happens quite often, and I’d like to say that I’ve gotten used to it, but sometimes I still forget that I live in L.A.)

1. Klatch Coffee (San Dimas)

Nov and Dec 2014 133
I’ve had a lot of coffee from all around the world, and yet Klatch Coffee still ranks as having my favourite Nitro Cold Brew and Iced Mocha. Perhaps it’s the hundreds of hours that I spent studying here in college, which makes it quite nostalgic, but nonetheless, I promise the extra minutes drive will be worth it!
Other locations include Rancho Cucamonga and Terminal 5 at LAX Airport.

Did any of my favourite L.A. coffee shoppes make or not make your list? Let me know where your favourite spots are in the Greater Los Angeles area. I’m always looking for new places to try! Cheers until next time, friends!

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