A Day Trip to Oxford.

Have you ever travelled somewhere that makes your heart sing long after you’ve left? It is as though you’ve just finished the last page to your favourite novel and you are already itching to reread its chapters of wonder and sheer delight. This metaphor paints how I felt after returning from a ten day trip to the beautiful countryside of England.


Many people messaged me while I was away and asked for my itinerary for we covered a lot of ground in ten days. With so much ground covered, I decided that England deserves more than one travel post, so stay tuned for more posts to come.

Today, we will explore the city of Oxford. Nestled amongst gentle hills and rolling green pastures, Oxford University sits at the centre of Oxfordshire. As England’s oldest university, Oxford is made up of a total of thirty-eight colleges, which makes for more than one can see in just one day!

Apart from the colleges and magnificent libraries, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, hotels, and shoppes to hide away in for several hours. As you walk through the colourful gardens and golden cobble stone streets, it will be easy to emerge yourself into Oxford’s magical world.

It is quick to see why so many movies were filmed here, as well as authors choosing to base their fictional scenes amongst Oxford’s towers (Alice in Wonderland, there’s even a fun Alice in Wonderland shoppe if you are a fan ).
Also, here is a list of a few movies that were filmed here, just for reference: Testament of Youth (2014), Brideshead Revisted (2008), Harry Potter, An Education (2009), Iris (2001), amongst many other well-known films.

As for me, this day was extra special because I got to walk through the streets where the setting of my second book takes place. I will be sharing more about this once my book press-release comes out.

Lastly, I squealed upon getting to visit The Eagle and Child pub, C.S. Lewis’s old digging grounds. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I adore C.S. Lewis and his writings. If you have never picked up one of his books, then please do yourself a favour and go order one right now. Mere Christianity, The Problem of Pain, and Four Loves are a few of my favourites.

So, if you are ever planning on visiting England, I hope this post encourages you to add a day trip to Oxford on your itinerary!

    1. Thank you so much! It was an absolutely breathtaking place to take photographs. I highly recommend a trip to England and a day trip to Oxford was definitely one of the highlights of our trip! There is definitely a lot to do and see, so I would say do your research and prioritize what you would like to see. There are still a lot of places I would love to see, so I’m definitely going to make another trip there one day! 🙂

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