Encaged by Fearful Thought.

A couple months ago, I wrote on the power of a thought. “An uninvited thought, if entertained, will lead to loss every time.” Read more here. 

Today, I want to expand on the subject matter of our thoughts, inspiration drawn from my pastor’s sermon Followed by the Wind and Sleeping at Last’s song, Fear.

(n).  an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat

It is stirred emotions within humanity that causes mankind to take a course of action. Of these emotions, one of the most dangerous is fear; it is fear that can hinder us from life’s greatest opportunities. Simply put, fear paralyzes us.

Thus, it is no surprise that in our spiritual walk with God, the greatest position that the enemy likes to put us into is a state of fear. Our relationship with God isn’t necessarily the thing that scares the enemy. Rather, it is when we act upon that relationship, by stepping outside our comfort zone and doing the very thing that has had us paralyzed, that the plot turns and the enemy then becomes a hostage of fear.

Our thoughts are powerful. One thought can influence your emotions and be the determining factor in your destiny.

“You can’t follow what God has planned for you if you are snared by the lies of the enemy.”  -Pastor Rich Brown

Why do we, as Christians, get so entangled by the lies of the enemy?

“Rather than playing to win, a lot of people play trying not to lose. Fear of loss is a major determinant in our decisions which leads us to indecision and keeps us encaged to what God wants to do in our lives.” -Pastor Rich Brown

We are so terrified to lose, that we sometimes view ministry from a defensive lens when we must be reminded that God has positioned his church to fight from the offensive lines. In Sleeping at Last’s song, Fear, Ryan explains that “fear can be all consuming.” If fear of loss encages the people of God, then it will consume not only our thoughts, but the actions thereof.

One of my favourite passages of scripture states in Isaiah 41:10, “So do not fear, for I am with you.”

Our faith is the antonym for our fear. When faith becomes all consuming in our lives, it awakens us to a higher calling. Fear keeps us in a cage, while faith sets us free to follow after our God-given dreams.

If we allow thoughts of fear to marinate in our brain, we will become imprisoned to the enemy’s agenda.

This is why it is so important to bring every thought into captivity, to have the faith that looks out at the vast unknown, and takes the leap anyways.

You. Are. Not. Alone. God is on your side. So, let go of those fearful thoughts (note: reading the Word of God is a sword that puts a dagger through every one of those lies).

Become encaged, instead, by a passionate vision to move the Kingdom forward, a courageous journey that will put a fear in the devil’s backbone every time you open your eyes to start a new day.
*To read more about Sleeping at Last’s song Fear and how it was made, click here.

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