Enchanted by Big Sur.

Violent waves crash on the shore, soaring cliffs greet the rolling hills that look a lot like the English countryside, and salty air combs through your hair.

There is something absolutely enchanting about Big Sur. I was blessed to have grown up in the Monterey Bay, this wonder of a tourist spot, which was right in our own backyard. It wasn’t until I was older did I come to realize why Big Sur is one of the top travel destinations in America.

If you’ve never been before, I highly recommend it. If you are coming from out of state, I would suggest renting a car to take the drive along the PCH towards Big Sur. Carmel/Monterey are the two cities just North of Big Sur where you can choose to find lodging if you do not feel as adventurous to camp it out in the redwoods(though, I highly recommend this experience!)

I have made the trip many times to Big Sur, but one of my favourite trips there was when a group of friends and I (from college) decided to spend our Spring Break in the Monterey Bay.


Since it was Spring Break, this meant lots of rain in Big Sur, but with enough layers and blankets, we were quite cozy.

You will want to check out Point Lobos Park (first picture) and the charming city of Carmel (second picture) that will leave you feeling as though you just stepped into a fairy story.

There are many different campgrounds to choose from, and if you are having a difficult time deciding on where to go, I would suggest Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. Keep in mind that this campground sells out really fast, so you will need to book your spot well in advance! See more here. 


For your day trip to Carmel by the Sea, here are a few recommendations:

  • Carmel Coffee House and Roasting
  • Thomas Kinkade Gallery
  • Tor House, Carmel
  • 17 Mile Drive
  • Forest Theater (If there are shows playing while you are in town, this is a super fun place to watch theatrical productions, right in the middle of the woods!)
  • Treehouse Cafe (yes, this cafe really is in the trees! Super charming at night with all of the twinkle lights).

Don’t take my word for it. Book your trip and be enchanted by the heart of Big Sur. Cheers until next time, friends!

  1. It’s in my backyard so to speak and I never knew there was a tree house cafe. I shall have to pay a visit. Thanks for the recommendation .


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