Winter’s Road.

Icy roads
pressed in between
Silhouettes of roaring mountains

Phone lines
Frozen by the
Barren land’s winter temperatures

Standing there
Between earth and space
No other hearts beat

Loneliness is her companion
Fears to her left and right
Where art thou? she whispers

Falling snow
breaking through
The warmth of her skin

Standing there
Between safety and uncertainty
No other hearts beat

Where art thou?
She whispers
Through faint lungs

Closing her eyes
She walks
And, continues to walk

Towards the unknown
With tear stained skin
And blind strength

Encountered winds
She fights
And, continues to walk

Standing there
Between earth and space
Her heart beat changes

As her uncertain chapters
And, unknown corners
Begin to paint icy roads

She opens her eyes
The majestic mountains
No longer shadows

Thou art here
He whispers

The steadiness
In His voice
Strengthens her step

Yet, even still
Her heart beat drifts
As unceasing winds deafen His whispers

Thou art here
She whispers
Thou art here

Loneliness, her constant companion
Walks beside her
And takes her hand

Unrelenting, His voice
Brings her heart beat
To feel the snow’s rhythm

The storm blinds her
But, she can hear
How ever can she hear

Thou art here
She whispers
Thou art where eyes cannot see

And, she walks
She continues to walk

That one day
Life’s Winter Roads
Will all make sense

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18

Also, feel free to listen to the song Atlas:Hearing while reading this poem. If you want to learn more about why I chose this song for this particular post, read about how that song was made here.

Winter’s Road was birthed from a deep place in my heart, a metaphor to explain the uncertainty, and the difficulty that life has been throwing its way. Yet, this morning, when I awoke to an empty apartment, the above scripture came to my mind. I began to repeat these words over and over again and felt strength.

It is very hard to see past life’s current situation, but I trust in the God who knows beginning to end, in the God who reminds me that I am not going through life alone and whispers, “I am here.”

So, if you are seeking direction or clarity amidst the winter storms of life, know this: God’s Holy Spirit was sent to us to provide strength, love, and new life. Even in the uncertainty, trust Him. I know it’s easier said than done, but when doubt and the winds of life begin to confuse and deter your sight off the road ahead, speak words of faith into existence. Lean into His understanding as you begin to depend on Him in a whole new way. He loves you. Love is an echo along the winter’s road. Tune your ear and listen. Speak those words: Thou art here.

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