Morning Roses

In the chaos of the morning, we often forget
To stop and smell the roses
Our two feet scurry with the
ever changing winds
As our hampster wheel minds
Go from one hour to the next

What would it look like
If we stopped to smile
And greet one another with the slightest hello
Where has our world gone?
Where we once had ears to hear
The morning bird’s song

We move with the ocean’s waves
To and fro without even a thought
Where seconds become days
And, days become lively months

How my soul longs for conversation
A place that would listen
As our lips slowly come to speak
Where a stranger is a foreign
quite unfamiliar term
Where has our world gone?

Yet, we cannot change these times
By just turning on a switch
But, what I do know is quite certain
That if I stop to smell the roses
In the chaos of the morning
God’s still voice will be found.

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