It is Well. 

I stumbled upon this quote. A quote that resonates with me so deeply.

It has been a whirlwind of a month and if I was to put a smile on my face and tell you that it’s been picturesque, I’d be telling a little white lie.

This isn’t the right place to share the struggles that these months have brought, but it is the place to share that despite life’s circumstances, there has been a joy that I can’t explain.

It’s not the kind of happiness that you read about at the end of the fairytale book. No, rather, it’s the re-discovered, deep abiding love of Jesus that has filled me with a peace that is unexplainable and a knowledge that He is sovereign and cares about every breath I take.

Despite the difficulties to pay the bills, the busyness of life that often gets in the way, and a fight for good health, fill in the blank, God is good.

When you find that deep fulfillment, truly discover it, your words become loss in the hems of His garments. You are breathless, and in awe. You are humble and grateful, what an understatement.

To echo the words of the lovely C.S. Lewis:

If I find in myself

Desires nothing in this world can satisfy

I can only conclude

That I, I was not made for here

I was made for another world. My soul was made for another world. And, through, Jesus, the road to this world is found.

So, if you were to ask me today how I am doing, I would respond to you:

Darling, it is well. Indeed, It is well with my soul.

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