Your life in mine

gently, you’ve shown me grace emerging from the dirt swiftly, you’ve taken me to heights i’ve never climbed before honestly, you’ve given me the space to try and figure it out on my own kindly, you’ve let me realize my hands are not sufficient on their own humbly, you’ve carried me without a second thought … More Your life in mine

gold, so pure.

it’s something new at least, that is how i feel in these years that i have known you it cannot be explained how you have pressed me into your palm with love that gives no conditions i am hopeful i am joyful i am free it’s something new at least, that is what I know … More gold, so pure.

I finally see myself: A letter to the Type 3’s

Anyone who has been living in the 21st century knows how significant social psychology and personality has become in many aspects of our lives, including our relationships with one another and even leadership in the workplace. While I’ve always been a huge fan of the Meyers Briggs personality spectrum (Shout out to my fellow ENFP’s), … More I finally see myself: A letter to the Type 3’s

Not this time.

We’ve been here before Years ago Yet, this time I’m not letting any fact Slip through the cracks My hazel eyes Stare into the mirror My reflection Singing to me There’s no place on earth That hasn’t felt these fears So, what’s the use in pretending They aren’t there For, all you’ve known Your whole … More Not this time.

Hey Autumn.

To every day, there is a lesson to be learned. To every season, there is change. Upon the change of seasons, there can be mixed feelings of joy+sorrow. There is a sadness in the winds in having to say goodbye to what has been, yet there is also an excitement in the air for all … More Hey Autumn.