Photo gallery: Autumn in London.

I’m certain there is magic in the U.K, the kind that transports you to centuries ago. I am sure that the same can be said of many countries in Europe and around the world, which is why I think one should travel. When you walk the streets, it feels as though you’ve transported from the literary pieces that were written long ago and found your way into a beautiful world that is secretly yours, until you return home where you work off of a screen all day and are stuck in traffic on the 110. Then, the reality sets back in.

It’s been several months since I went to the U.K. and yet, I still find myself dreaming of walking the streets of Oxford, drinking tea on the pavement in London, and exploring the gardens again. Even though it’s a big city, life is slower there. I constantly feel like I have to be working here in SoCal (which I hate, and I am really working on the whole relaxing thing), so it’s safe to say that when I go to a place where both my mind and body can slow down, it’s a big win.

I love The Inklings, C.S. Lewis, Jane Austen, you name it. The list goes on. I am an old soul, who prefers going to the symphony and reading books in whimsical nooks, while drinking more tea than probably even the average British citizen.

Since I bought new Lightroom pre-sets this week, I re-visited some English memories, and had to share with you what it feels like to spend Autumn in London. Hope you enjoy the photos, as much as I enjoyed taking them.










Cheers until next time, friends!


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