You know those nights where you are tossing and turning until the sun rises because your thoughts are going about a million miles per hour? And, no cup of chamomile tea or soothing spa music is going to do the trick? Yeah, that is what the past couple nights have been for me. So, I … More Calling.


The car’s check engine light is on again, the stove’s gas is leaking in the kitchen, unexpected bills arrive at the doorstep, and there is little money for groceries(I’m talking, counting your quarters at the check out). This has been life recently. Yet, despite the worry of how the bills will all be paid, or the … More Breathe.


Last week was a really rough week. We have all been through them. They come without any notice and usually over welcome their stay. As I sat in my office all by myself at 8:30 at night, I was reminded of the fact that this moment, this week, the grimy moments that no one sees, … More Vapor.