In the Here and Now

“You are the light in my darkest hour
You are my hope when I’m feeling far from home
You are forever in my heart
In the here and now, in the here and now”
-Now I Stand, James David William

Lately, this song has been on repeat. Actually, his entire album, The Blood of the Saviour, has been on repeat. I have not been able to stop listening to it. I had first stumbled upon his music when going down the rabbit hole of Spotify, selecting random songs to play from the “artists you might like” section. When I had first added the song, Now I Stand, to my favorite playlist, Train Tracks on Spotify, I hadn’t even listened to the full song. I just liked the sound, added the song to play fully later, and continued on my merry way. But, then, one Saturday morning, I was awoken by the words. The sun was streaming into my apartment and as I lay still in bed, debating on whether or not I would get up to start the day, these words penetrated into my heart. In the here and now.

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person that can easily get sucked into my thoughts, whether it’s about the future or the past. Yet, in this beautiful moment in the early morning hour, God was reminding me that He is with me in the here and now. Despite my inconsistency, despite my doubts, despite my failings, His love is here with me. And, in words that cannot be expressed, I felt the overwhelming power of His love.

When I’m feeling far from home, when I’m feeling the weight of the world, when I’m worried or facing my deepest fears, He is in the here and now. And, that simple truth gives me strength to carry on, to breathe and sing with freedom in my lungs, and hope that in some small way I can express His love to those around me-through both my actions and my words. There is no greater love in the here and now, and for all eternity.

My hope is for
You and I
To finally see
That we don’t
Have to earn
This love
Or figure
Out all the answers
To what
Comes next
All He asks
Is this
My child
Will you slow down?
Enough to realize
That the
Home you
So desperately
Long for
Is here in My arms
Where eternal love
And, perfect peace
Casts out fear
And, all questions
For tomorrow

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