Mornings, oh so sweet

Morning has always been
My favorite time of the day
A time when the sun peeks
Through the blinds
And, the coffee pot
Serenades the room

There’s a peace in the quiet
As I turn on the radio
The sweet serenade
Of a piano sonata
Bringing peace
To the whole house

Mornings, oh so sweet
A gift to the few
Who wake up before
The world does

Yet, now, chaos
Has invaded my home
And, the morning
Which used to be
My favorite time of the day
Has become, instead
A battle cry

Right now
There is no peace
In my morning
And, how strange it is
To long for a time in the day
Like a child longing
For a gift
Under the Christmas tree

All I know
Is that when this war is through
Mornings, oh so sweet
I will never take for granted
Ever again

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