Hey Autumn.

To every day, there is a lesson to be learned. To every season, there is change. Upon the change of seasons, there can be mixed feelings of joy+sorrow. There is a sadness in the winds in having to say goodbye to what has been, yet there is also an excitement in the air for all the new things to come.

Today is September 22. It is also the first day of Fall. You might call it Autumn (depending on where you are from). Either way, the temperatures have started to change, the menu has changed to everything pumpkin at Starbucks, and the saddest change of all, it’s starting to get dark earlier in the evenings.

This week, even though it is still ridiculously hot in Los Angeles, I started creating my morning fall vibes playlist. Give it a listen! Really, I started to add songs to this playlist because with the onset of Autumn, it has made me think more about all of the change that has been happening in my heart+my life.

Here is one of my favorite definitions of
change (v).
to become different, to undergo transformation, transition

And, just like with any kind of transformation in life, it is not always easy, it can be a little uncomfortable, and it sometimes requires stepping out in faith and letting go of the past season/person that you are. Yet, one thing I have come to discover about change is that it is a beautiful process because you are becoming: becoming something new, becoming something different, and becoming the person that God has created you to be for this new season.

So, friend, embrace it. Embrace the change, the stumbles and the questions, the new sights and sounds, the new beginnings and the goodbyes to a season that is now meant to be a thing of the past.

In my third book, I wrote this phrase that has been an anthem for this season of change, “There is no future in the past. There is only the present to make the most of what lies ahead.”

So, let the present change be a good thing, an exciting thing, a new and noteworthy adventure that leads you to places you never thought you would go.

This past month has involved a lot of change. I’ve allowed myself to let down walls+be vulnerable in relationships in a whole new way. I’ve said no more to fear+have started to do things in ministry that have been knocking at my heart for so long. And, I took a big leap in my career. This week was my first week working in copy-writing at Saatchi (while also still balancing my current job in Ad Ops). On top of that, I enrolled in Advertising School for copy-writing and classes started this past Thursday.

Lots of change, to say the least. So, even though the colours on the leaves have yet to change here in L.A, I embrace all the change with a happiness in my heart that says yes. Yes to the new. Yes to relationships. Yes to daring adventures. Yes to writing more. Yes to growth. Yes to the here and now.

Hey, Autumn, nice to see you again. Cheers to change!

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