Holding onto your heart

I’ve held on so long
To the lock
Hidden away
The key forever lost
In denial of the heart’s ways

Emotions are
Wonderful and weary
Exhilarating and exhausting
Radical and risky
So fragile they are

Foreign territory I step in
Not knowing when and how
The human heart
Threads itself into
A pool of devotion

Do I go find the key now?
I prefer it remain hidden
Yet, time reminds me
Holding on is not the risk
You were created for

Carry bruises and scars
And, whisper to my mind
To keep the key buried
Forever, always

Yet, even as I try
To bury the key
A voice quietly reminds me
Emotions, though a risk
Are the beauty of this life

So, gather the key
Unlock your heart just this once
And, now throw away the key
Because the next one that is let in
Will not let you ever
Go back to where you once were

Holding onto your heart
So secretly
Shall it never be again

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