Dear Teenage Me,

Your palms are sweaty

The questions overwhelming

It’s not your fault, says the voice in the room

Your fists clench the psychologist’s fancy chair

I already know that, you want to say

But, you don’t

So far removed from the stuffy office

Your heart wanders

To memories of the past year

To the questions they ask

When your parents parted ways

Your teenage spirit wants to depart

From the soothing voice in the room

That tries to empathize

With the situation you have to return to

When the doors behind this safe place shut

Where anger and confusion billow between two homes

But, dear teenage me,

Can I tell you one thing?

This will be a long road

Ten years from now

On a night like tonight

You will bury your heart in your chest

And, return to the memories of that year

When fear rocked you to sleep

And, happiness seemed forever no more

Dear teenage me,

Do not be angry with the counselors

They send you to

Be patient with their questions

And, know that their wisdom

Will guide you and your brother to safety once more

Dear teenage me,

You may feel so weak and torn

But, you must know this

You are stronger than

You’ll ever know

Dear teenage me,

The pain will come and go

Like the tidal waves at dusk

But, just hold on

There’s hope for tomorrow

Dear teenage me,

They say it’s always darkest

Before dawn

So, keep the resilience

And, hold your head up high

Dear teenage me,

The enemy is terrified of you

Because, for the first time, he sees

There is a fight within you

Of which your battle wounds

Will make you all the stronger

Dear teenage me,

You will navigate forgiveness

And, hurts long buried

Time and time again

But, just remember

You are a warrior

And, this world needs to hear your story

Dear teenage me,

Unclench your fists from the fancy chair

Look the psychologist in the eyes

And, say thank you

Their words will protect you from mental scars

Dear teenage me,

Write, write, write

Healing starts now.

2 thoughts on “Dear Teenage Me,

    1. It’s all based on true events and feelings. It felt good to be reminded that healing isn’t something that happens one time. It happens over and over again, and with each day, you only realize how much stronger you have become.

      Liked by 1 person

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