Emotions Tethered on Strings

I don’t understand
The roads in which
My heart travels upon

Emotions tethered on strings
Like syncopations
In an orchestral symphony
They play from one day to the next

Is it really me?
Who keeps my heart
From experiencing
The story
God’s designed for me

Surrender, I hear
In the howling of the wind
I don’t quite comprehend

So, swaying side to side
I dive into the deep sea
That when I rise to the surface
Clarity will meet me there

Notes calmly echo across
The stillness of the lake
Do you hear it? It asks

Peace, such peace
Where my heart beats
With the Creator of the lake

My emotions tethered on strings
Will not play the world’s game
Not when the Creator of
The lake, the stars, the moon
Is writing my story
With the simple breath
Of His lungs

5 thoughts on “Emotions Tethered on Strings

    1. Thank you, friend! I’ve realized that now, more so than when I first wrote it. It feels as though something has come alive in me that was for a long time dormant. I don’t know how to put it into words exactly.

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