The Must Travel App for International Travel

I remember when I first started planning my trip for London and feeling extremely overwhelmed by the vast options that were going to be available to us once we were to arrive in England. In the planning stage, as I drooled over photographs on Instagram and pinned every London post that I came across on Pinterest, I quickly realized that my London To Do List was far grander than what my 10 day journey would allow. So, what is the most effective way to plan for an International Trip?

The best way to see any city is to explore it on foot and spontaneously dine/drink/shop/sight see whatever you stumble upon. Don’t over plan to where you will need a vacation for your vacation. While it is preferable to be spontaneous and not be too rigid with an itinerary, you will still need to make plans; it is still important to create A MUST list of a few adventures that you absolutely cannot miss out on. In fact, some places you will need reservations well in advance (such as tours or special eateries).

(side note: My London Must List included: 
-High Tea at The Orangery (Kensington Palace), which we had to get reservations before our trip
-A Visit to Daunt Books (The oldest bookstore in England)
-A Tour of Buckingham Palace )

When planning my trips, there is an app that I couldn’t live without. The must travel app for International Travel is an itinerary planner called Travefy. It keeps track of all of your transportation (flights, train & bus rides), your hotel or AirBnB reservations, your reservations for any bookings/activities, and is the perfect place to add in the details section: your must list.

The Travefy app made my overwhelmed pinning everything I stumble across self more relaxed as I planned. (Try to say that ten times fast.)

To plan your trip with the Travefy website, click here and download the app onto your cellphone. The wonderful part about the Travefy app is that it works offline, so if you don’t purchase an International Cell Service while you are overseas, it is a great way to keep all of your itinerary details in order!

Here is an example of what it would look like from your phone:

With all of that said, I highly recommend Travefy and hope that this app will make your planning life all the more easier!

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