New every morning.

It’s the first week of January. Gym memberships have increased. More juicers have been purchased. And, people’s living rooms are filled with their new year’s resolutions. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the fresh start of a new year, but I’ve also learned that January 1st is not always the beginning of a new chapter.

2017 was a rough year. There’s just no other word for it. My entire year could be summed up in this one story. Last week, I purchased my return flight home for the Holidays for the year 2018 when it was still very well the year, 2017. I made a joke to my friends that I was clearly so ready to fly into 2018 and just kiss 2017 goodbye forever. Unfortunately, the airline still made me pay $173 for a one way ticket home. Sigh.

Needless to say, I have been eager for 2018. I was more excited for New Year’s than I was Christmas this year, as though the ball dropping to confetti city lights would suddenly allow me to enter the next chapter of life. However, this was not the case.

It started with a terrible congested cold. And, then I arrived home to a letter that said my rent was increasing. Lastly, I was notified that my utilities was now a delinquent account. Happy New Years to me, baby. That evening, as I wrestled with my 2018 Budget, and the inevitable fate that I would still be eating oatmeal and peanut butter for dinner, something occurred. A little lightbulb went off, which could have very well been the leftover confetti from the night’s previous celebrations.

A new year doesn’t change my life; rather, a new morning changes me.

Morning is the hour where we have the choice, based on our morning habits, to determine the course of direction the rest of our day will take. Will I eat breakfast and feed my body the nutrients it needs? Will I spend the first hour, before anything else, reading God’s Word? Will I go on that long morning run- to keep up with my marathon training? Will I look myself in the mirror and say to the girl who is facing a lot of unknown, “You are going to be okay?”

All of these trivial questions have a common theme. They begin with a choice. A choice that chooses present over perfect, and a choice whose attitude feels gratitude for the simple blessings before us.

Yet, whether or not I actually do any of those things on my trivial list, there is one thing about morning time that will always be constant. It will never change, no matter if I failed to complete my morning routine.

God’s unfailing love.

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love.” -Psalm 143:8

His mercies are new every morning. His love greets us in a new and overwhelming way every morning. And, His steadfastness is present every single morning, even when we, our circumstances, our desires, our relationships are ever changing.

A new morning is the indication that the pages of my book are still turning, whether or not it’s the next chapter or not. It’s choosing to keep going even when the plot doesn’t turned out as I had hoped.

So, this is what I have to say about January 1st and February 1st and March 1st and April 1st and so on…

If you had a rough day(year), it’s not the end of your story.  As consistant as the morning newspaper arriving at your doorstep, remember that God remains with us. Through thick and thin. And, as the times and news stories change, so does our lives. January 1st’s resolutions do not define the rest of your year. January 1st simply reminds you and I that there are 364 other days that will be filled with joy and sorrow, laughter and tears, bucket list items checked off and lists never started. It is a day that reminds us that every morning that we wake up, we have a choice, the choice to see each day as a new day, another blessing, and another page in God’s story for our lives.

Will you let him breathe into your chapters this year and finally let go and surrender the pen?

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