One second
That’s all it took
For my stomach to turn upside down
For tears to burn
For anger to rise in my chest
Another trending tweet
Bringing news of injustice
To my feed

Actions taken from a distance
Yet felt as though
My own living room was invaded
There are no words
To describe the emotions
That have resurfaced

My mind tries to understand
How such action
With refutable cause
Could be taken
Yet, my heart knows
There is no understanding
For the broken pieces
Of an archaic statue
And, a heart that no longer beats

We are divided
Not united
And, ignorance has led
Once again
To loss of life

So, now is the time
American citizens
That in hopes of a free future
We must speak up
Where our thoughts
Our images
And, our heartbeats
Become colour blind
To the face to our right and left
For all skin tones
One in the same
United together
With not a second glance

To love
To love your neighbor as yourself
Defined by the one who
Lives next to you
Who sits beside you
On your subway commute
Who serves you espresso
Before the wake of dawn
Who walks the same streets
That your feet trod upon

To do right
Is to speak up
To serve
Despite differences
To give
When the world
Stops giving
And, to love
With every breath
That escapes our being

Racism is not just a thing of the past
It is present today and
It. Must. End.
Ignorance dissolves by
Starting a conversation
That makes the known unknown
And, the unknown known.
While sending up prayers
And, a cry for mercy
For the nation
That currently weeps.


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