Experiencing God’s Love in Unlikely Places. 

Tonight, as I drove past the City of Angels, a unique city like no other, tears fled down my face. Before you call me crazy, hear me out. 

A year ago, I made the decision to work for an advertising agency in Los Angeles. Little did I know that such a decision would not only be a stepping stone in my career, but a stepping stone in my ministry. 

Breath. Breath in our lungs. Without it, we are mere nothing. Breath. God’s breath. With it, we find our everything. 

I work in the Advertising Industry, an industry that breathes life from the heartbeat of Hollywood. It is a world that is far different from my own Christian upbringing, an industry where most of the people I work with identify as agnostics or atheists. 

At times, it is draining. Other times, life giving. 

Let me explain.

When your heart becomes enraptured by God’s love, your heart becomes burdened with love for people who are so different from you.

What did I say at the beginning? We have been given breath because God breathed life into the earth, into you and I, into the sinner and the saint. 

This breath created a person. We are all people, no different from one another. We are flesh and blood. Some of us, however, have found our breath’s origin. With such a beautiful discovery, we are meant to live in fellowship with others who have adopted this revelation as their own(the church), however…we are also meant to breathe that life and light into those who have not yet arrived there. 

We cannot separate ourselves in relationship with those who are different from you and I. Yes, we must set up boundaries and speak the truth in love, but it does not mean that I am to live my life as though they(the non-saints, the Gentiles, the atheists, the list goes on) do not exist. 

In having the opportunity to meet actors, and sit in a room full of creatives and visionars, my heart has expanded. I’ve experienced God’s love in the most unlikely of places. He has opened my eyes to see the non-saints as His creation, as His children whom he bursts with love for and longs for their hearts to find Him in return. 

So, maybe it makes a little more sense why tears fled down my cheeks as I drove through Los Angeles, through the La La Land that has shifted my view and understanding of our mission as Christians. 

I believe God wants to change people’s lives in these anti-God saturated industries. I pray and hope for divine appointments where life-giving relationships will allow God’s Spirit to move outside our “put God in a box thinking.”

Artists. Producers. Writers. Actors. Musicians. These are the people I’m surrounded by on the daily. 

For you, it might not be the Hollywood Industry, but perhaps it might be your family, your co-workers, your neighbors, fill in the blank. People who were created by God, who need and desire(though they do not yet know) the very revelation that you hold, the gift of God’s Spirit that has breathed life into you. 

Take a moment to put yourselves in their shoes. 

When you stay submitted to God and align yourself with His Word, there is no telling what burden God will place within you/what mission He will set you on. I pray that we don’t let this burden be thrown aside, but that we, as the living church, would go into the unlikable/most unlikely places, that we would courageously reach out and that we would listen to their stories and be impacted by their heartbeats in return. 

This is God’s love, that all may come to know Him. When you obediently open your heart to God, I guarantee that He will use you to bridge the gap between the church and the world. 

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