Today’s post is inspired by one of my favourite bands, Sleeping at Last. If you’ve never listened to their music, do yourself a favour and give them a listen. I believe that their music speaks to the realities that we all face within our own human existence and furthermore in our daily spiritual walk with Jesus.

No one can unring this bell
Unsound this alarm, unbreak my heart new
God knows, I am dissonance
Waiting to be swiftly pulled into tune

I’ll go anywhere you want,
anywhere you want

I know the further I go
The harder I try, only keeps my eyes closed
And somehow I’ve fallen in love
With this middle ground at the cost of my soul

Yet I know, if I stepped aside
Released the controls, you would open my eyes
That somehow, all of this mess
Is just my attempt to know the worth of my life

I’ll go anywhere you want,
anywhere you want

Perhaps I can speak for us all, or most of us, when I say that there is a point in life, a moment so to speak, where a deep hollow feeling creeps in as we realize our own efforts, our own experiences, and our own hands cannot bring us complete peace & understanding of the miracle of our own human life.

I have known of many people who have gone on road trips, vacations or journeys to find themselves and to find their worth in this world that we have been born into, that search for the place where dissonant notes will no longer fill their mind.

The human spirit tries to breathe harmonious notes into the dissonance of his/her heartbeat. One’s ears are not deaf to the dissonance as the chords string through the air like a poor ballad creating a deep desire for concordance.

The dissonance, the emptiness & the lack of worth draws one to cover their ears and close their eyes as they search for that peace in the spider web messes of life. It stirs something within the human spirit that says, please  “I’ll go anywhere you want, anywhere you want.” 

It reminds me in Isaiah 6 where a spirit of desperation got a hold of the prophet Isaiah as he cried out to God, “Here I am, Send me!”

There has to come a moment in our human life and in our walk with Jesus Christ that we learn to surrender and release the controls into His hands. As long as we hold onto the reigns and try to do things our own way, there will always be a dissonance in our heartbeat. We must release our own human will into the hands of God in order to live in true freedom.

We become comfortable with the comfortable, with the middle ground, with the certainty of today, with our own agendas and our to do lists. The dissonance in our heartbeat reminds us that our worth is not found in our own will, but in His alone.

Mercury is a metaphor for the duality that we face between flesh and spirit, the dissonant between human desire and God’s desire for our lives.

Yet, if we step aside, Jesus will be able to do in our lives that of which He longs to do. However, as long as we cling to the middle ground (our human flesh/will/desires/comfortable state of being), His greater purpose will never be able to take shape.

There has to be a moment, a moment where you and I speak these words, “Anywhere you want, anywhere you want, I will go.”

It is in that truest moment of surrender that our heartbeat will slowly align with His as the dissonant notes will turn into a beautiful melody. As long as I resist, my eyes will not be able to see with complete clarity and my ears will be unable to hear the still small voice of God that gives perfect direction. Your worth and purpose will always be found in surrendered prayer.

Let that become your daily prayer.  “I’ll go anywhere you want, anywhere you want me.” 


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