Dreams Realized.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Hyphen Conference in Portland, Oregon. I really don’t know how to put into words what God did/revealed/moved me(and each of us) into. As a group of Millennials flooded the streets of Portland protesting the newly elected POTUS, another group of Millennials gathered together in a Portland church building to proclaim the name of Jesus over our cities. In that moment, God made me realize that the Hyphen generation is the generation that is going to bring about the greatest harvest that we have ever seen.

Along the way, some of us have grown weary. Others of us have grown jaded. Some of us are overcome by brokenness and pain. Some of us feel inadequate. Some of us are frustrated. Some of us are running low on fuel(faith).  Some of us feel that the task to reach our generation, a generation that is so vocal and passionate, is almost impossible to reach.

However, I believe that there are Hyphen dreams being realized across our nation, a realization that God is calling us each into a deeper place with Him, a realization that He is sending us further into the harvest fields.

“Do not grow weary in doing good, for in due season, you will reap a harvest.” Galatians 6:9

Before I expand, I’m going to share a few quotes from a couple of the Hyphen sessions.

“It was on the other side of a closed door that a divine dream began to come to shape.” -Pastor Travis Worthington

“There will be pain. Either you are going to allow it to destroy you or you are going to allow God to use it. The thrashing can either destroy or prepare someone and the enemy is willing to take that chance.” -Pastor Rich Brown

Paraphrasing what Pastor Brown spoke on, he stated that there is a thrashing process that takes place to separate the grain from the husk. The grain is useless as long as it is intertwined with the husk. Thus, the separation must take place so that which is valuable(the grain) may have the ability to multiply and meet the needs of the harvest. The husk(the flesh) is anything in our lives that is keeping us from seeing the results of planted grain.

God spoke so clearly to me and stated that I was stepping into new territory, a ministry that could not have been given earlier because it required a thrashing process, a process that rid of any pride and self interest. There were emotional hurts, financial difficulties, and deep loss. God’s destined dreams required a process that took me through a few storms, a process that took me to Daniel’s lion den, to the bottom of an ocean within Jonah’s whale, to Joseph’s prison cell, and to David’s battlefield.

Come on Hyphen, let’s be honest with ourselves. We don’t have it all together. But, we serve a gracious God, a loving Father who disciplines us, who allows a few storms in our lives,  and who lovingly takes us through a thrashing process. This process occurs so that our dreams may come into realization. Our dreams are no longer going to be mere dreams. For when a dream becomes realized, it becomes a reality, a reality that moves us into a deeper movement, a great revival, and a plentiful harvest for our personal lives, for our churches, for our cities, and for this sweet land that we have the freedom to call our country and home.

As I prayed, God asked and then stated: The greatest revival that has yet to be seen in America by my people is going to take place, but do you know where it’s going to erupt and explode? Do you know where there isn’t going to be enough baskets for the harvest that comes? Hyphens. Young adults.


As young adults become willing, as we take off the masks of our culture, as we silence the thousands of voices that surround us, we will find the still voice of God that is calling each of us into places that had once only been dreams.

Yes, God may have closed doors, but I promise that God is about to open an even better door, a door that you thought was impossible. It is time to pray, to study and bring the name of Jesus to our homes, our jobs, our schools, and our communities. What will you do with that dream that God has given you? Do you believe that it will come to pass? Because God is reaching into the hearts of young adults, He is removing things from our lives, and He is asking for more of our attention, more of our time, and all that we are for the purpose of the Kingdom.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. I’m an avid dreamer and this weekend, God reminded me of dreams that I had once had(desires, and literal dreams) and pushed me to pray for those dreams to become realized dreams. Believe me when I say that God wants to move and brings answers to those dreams, but God can’t move until we get out of the way(out of self like Pastor Brown revealed).

God is moving. He is looking for a willing people, a group within the Millennial generation, that surrenders dreams and desires to him in order for God’s dreams to become realized in each of our lives. Dreams, long awaited promises, are coming to pass. Young adult, now is the time.


One thought on “Dreams Realized.

  1. Dear Ones, being a Bible Study Leader has given me the opportunity to dig deeper into God’s Word. There are very positive answers to all our needs. And they are found right there! But the discovery doesn’t happen unless you have prepared your heart to receive. How is that done, you ask? It is accomplished by settling down into God’present. But how? What would you say to God if He sat across the table from you? Would you be willing to allow His light to shine deep down to those “secret” places that have never been revealed to anyone. Dear Ones, when you open up and allow God to heal and cleanse you in those deep dark places that’s when you can feel renewed, loved completely, and eager to serve our Lord. Drink in the forgiveness that is given freely and always available to us all. He is waiting to forgive and heal your hurts. His love is boundless and ever flowing!


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