America, Come to The Table.

One day, my kids will ask me, “Mom, what was it like to live through the 2016 Election?” There will, of course, be many feelings that will resurface, feelings that I hope to never experience again through the race of a presidential election.

I am saddened by the divides that have been built in our country, and I am equally saddened that we have not been able to carry conversations that try to understand one another’s viewpoint. You see, Democrat or Republican, regardless of race, male or female, Millennial or Baby-Boomer, there is not one of us that is 100% right.

How important is it (for now, more than ever before), to take the words of Jesus and love our neighbor as ourselves. The Bible says apart from loving God, there is no greater command than this: to love thy neighbor as yourself. As Christians, may we continually stand on truth, but through love, may we also bridge the gaps that are trying to build themselves in our nation. If we are truly Christians, than we will understand that now is a time to bridge the gap, the gaps that have been built due to social injustices, injustices that we as a church can not ignore.

The first post that I ever wrote on this blog was entitled, “Bridge Builder.” The idea came from a quote by Mickey Mangun in which she stated, “I hope to build a bridge between my heart and the heart of the unbeliever.” When we begin to build bridges, including political bridges, we will understand that UNITED, we need one another. We are the United States of America, and if we are to see the change that we want to see in this country, we must gather together and have open-minded conversations that lead to positive change.

When I interned with World Vision, I had the opportunity to interview Ray Norman, missionary and author behind the book, Dangerous Love. After our interview, this was his reflection.

“When you are working in the area of sustainable health development, there are many different ways in which one may approach development and change. In order to gain a deeper understanding of one another, we must create a space that offers an invitation to the table, the kind of table where Jesus would facilitate the conversation and remind us that He is the reason that we are gathered at the table in the first place.

During an interfaith counsel in Ethiopia, I watched as an employee interacted with another man who was affiliated with the Muslim faith. Turning to the imam standing next to him, he hugged him and said, “You know, I have always taught my people that Jesus teaches us to love our neighbor, but it wasn’t until I started working with World Vision that I learned what it means to love my neighbor.”

Two different religions, two different viewpoints, two different ideologies, two different cultures were able to develop better health programs and implement necessary change for the overall good of the community by coming TOGETHER on political matters.

We must remember that we need one another. As a nation, we must gather together and sit at the same table with one another. As we speak the truth in love, may we learn the greatest form of communication once more: listening. Let us listen to one another, even if we disagree.And, at a time like this, may we, as Christians, continually draw ourselves to our knees in prayer. We are called to pray for our government+our leaders. This includes the current&newly elected POTUS.


       First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made            on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil          and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. 1 Timothy 2:1-2

You see, when my kids ask me: “Mom, what was it like to live through the 2016 Presidential Election?” I will look them in the eyes and respond, “It was stressful, like any other presidential election. Yet, in the end, I was at peace, a supernatural peace that reminded me that God still sits on the throne. I will respect our leaders, but our trust is not in our government/leadership, but it is in the One who is still the same yesterday, today and forever.”

As Christians, we must continue to seek God and spend time in prayer. In addition to our prayers, we must make every effort not to sit back, but to get involved, to spread kindness, to have conversations with our brothers and sisters who are different from us and our opinions, to pray for one another and to love one another in the way that God intended.
 America, now is a time that we must gather TOGETHER.  America, come to the table.

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