More than Words.

Words upon words
Upon words upon words
Every mass medium of media
Pleads the opinions, the voices
The cries, and the aches of our nation
With another set of words
I, too, offer to the pool
My breaking heart,
My plea for justice
And, my sympathetic thoughts.

But, our words
Are mere words
While we can speak,
And teach,
And preach,
In the end,
Our words will not move
The hearts of our people
In the way
Our nation so desperately needs

Our eyes must turn away from our screens
And, we must fixate our gaze
On His throne
For more than just a moment,
We must humble ourselves
Before our King
Knocking at His door,
Without relent,
Or, hesitancy.
Our words
Turned into fervent prayers

Our nation’s veins are pumping
With a rising heat in it’s blood
And, our response
Will be found through
The power of prayer
For, we must love one another
With not just fleeting words,
But, with actions
All races,
All religions
All people
Are precious in the sight of God

Yet, this love
This wanted love
Can not be done on our own
Our humanness
Our imperfections
Our inconsistencies,
Our sins
Are a reflection
Of choosing to place our trust
In ourselves
Rather than Abba
Our Creator
Our Father
Jesus alone.

In the wake of this dark hour,
May His light shine ever brighter
And may His hand
Be the divine intervention
That our hungry, hurting, hopeless
souls need
For, in the quiet hour of the night
With pain and sorrow
Falling down my cheeks
Hope, Love and Peace
Filled my lungs
As He cried out to me
And, cries out to you:
“Place your trust in me.”

God doesn’t want just our words,
arguments, and news articles,
He desires our prayers
Our trust,
Our faith
That the God we sing of
In beautiful hymns
Is the same God
That redeems
In the end.

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