Through My Lens: Ten Things College Taught Me.

It is the morning of my graduation and I am sitting at my favorite study spot, drinking espresso and honestly, feeling quite nostalgic. Life feels a little surreal right now. When I look back to Freshman year, I don’t think I would know my own reflection that would smile back at me in the mirror. College has changed me and I’d like to think that in some small way, I have changed APU. (Shout out to Professor Hartwig for pointing out that profound and inevitable truth about each and every one of us graduating Seniors.)

While there are a plethora of things that I have learned in college, I want to speak of ten things that college taught me. As I write my very last words as a student, before I become a graduate in a little less than 12 hours, I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to have studied at Azusa Pacific University. If I was to travel back in time to the year 2012, I would once again choose APU.

10. Don’t blink, you might miss college. These four years will fly by. Make the most of every moment.

life 255

9. Find the balance between school, work, and play. And, “never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun.” -Katherine Hepburn

March and April 042

8. The choices you make in the beginning will determine the kind of race that you will run. Half of the battle is your mindset, and by choosing to have a positive mindset, even when you are in the library until 3 a.m. and your computer decides to spend an hour re-booting itself(true story), have a positive attitude. Complaining won’t get you anywhere.

Roommate Retreat 114

7. As learned in my Intercultural Comm. class, strive to make the unfamiliar known and the familiar unknown. You will meet all kinds of different people through this walk of life. As you come in contact with different cultures, be open-minded and considerate of diverse ways of thought.

5. Love is a choice and ministry is a choice. It isn’t always easy, but at the end of the day, when you view life through the lens of the gospel, it will change the way you love and serve people.

March and April 093


4. Coffee is a college student’s best friend. My grandparents always drank black coffee. I thought it was disgusting, until I had my very first 4-amer night in college. There was no going back after that.

3. Be intentional. Through life, there will be friendships that come and go, but know that friends, in particular seasons of life, shape you and develop you into the individual you are today. And, to the friendships that you hold onto for more than one season of life, cherish them. Go out of your way to make them feel valued and loved.

Sister Photoshoot 1007


2. Don’t choose a major based on the paycheck. Find out what you are passionate about and pursue it with all of your heart and mind.

1.When one door closes, God opens an even better one. Always.

All week long, people have been asking me, “How does it feel to be done?” I answer with this,”I don’t really know.” For the past 17 years of my life, school has been apart of my identity. One of my top strengths from Meyers-Brigg is learner. I absolutely love being in the classroom and learning, despite the many sleepless nights and throbbing headaches. And, perhaps, it will only be a matter of time before I’m back in the classroom and pursuing a Master’s Degree.

While I always try to make plans, God always seems to have a better plan in mind. My post-grad plans are not what I had planned for at the beginning of my Senior year. But, choosing to trust God and place my future in His hands is the best decision I have ever made.

In two weeks, I’m moving to Seattle. I’m extending my internship with World Vision and will be working in Sustainable Health Communications. After the three month internship, there are many opportunities that will arise, but I do not yet know the chapters that will be written. There is a sequel to my story, a sequel that has not yet been published. While I am looking towards the future, I am cherishing every moment of today. Life is short. Make the most of it.

Know that God has a greater purpose in mind. Everything will be alright. Here’s to the future. Cheers!

{Thank you to everyone who played such a significant role in my journey at APU! Here’s a slideshow of more memories from four wonderful years at APU.}

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