A Thousand Questions in the Valley.

Drowning in my own thoughts
The tidal waves rise quickly
I rise to the surface
For one deep breath of fresh air

A thousand questions I face
Tears make a mark on my living room floor
As my prayers float in the night sky
The clock chimes Midnight
And, with the chime of tick-tock,
time haunts me.
How much longer?

I’m wandering in the desert,
searching for an oasis
Hunger strikes my being,
I have not unlocked the door of satisfaction.
Will I ever?

Longing for more,
Searching for a thousand questions
Wandering through these dusty roads,
Oh, indeed, a thousand questions
My mind never rests, for these questions
find me in my sleep.

There in the desert,
A small, still voice,
“Trust me.”
I still have a thousand questions,
but I have found one answer.

These dry bones are coming back to life,
Rain is sweeping over a dry and parched land
I was meant for this season in the valley,
Where? Why? When? How?
I do not have the answers to, but this i do know
What? Trust me.

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