Between Seas.

For the past few nights, I have been wrestling in my spirit, in my thoughts, and in my heart. My heart is breaking. My spirit is aching. And, my thoughts are longing for a solution to the problem…a problem that happens to be the “world’s worst refugee crisis since World War II.”our
My feet are on this land. And, their feet walk for miles and miles, day by day, an entire sea a part. It’s a helpless feeling. But, rather than feeling helpless, I pray that as a church, we do not ignore what is going on in our world today. Rather, I pray that we find some way to reach these people through our prayers, our donations of food, clothing, and money for basic necessities, and the willingness to stand up and welcome any of the refugees into our free land.

Understand the Crisis. Educate yourself and come to an understanding of what is going on.

I’ve been reading articles about the Refugee Crisis and one in particular really tugged at my heart. “There may be seemingly impossible seas between the rich and the poor, but how in God’s name can there be distance in the family of God?” -Ann Voskamp

Let this quote sink in for a moment by Ann Voskamp. “There’s always enough room at our tables for those in ned, because our imagination and our nation and our transformation have alwasy fed off the truth of abundance and refuse to be poisoned by the myth of scarcity. There’s always enough abundance and grace to welcome those in need, because it’s only by abundant grace that any of us are here-and if there’s abundant grace for us, by God, there’s abundant grace for all of us.

There’s always enough hope because dreams always last longer than the dark.”

No matter what, love, God’s love, will win.
That same love is burning within my heart. It is so heavy and unexplainable.
Voskamp writes,”It’s love that drives us to not let the fleeing be pushed off this earth and into the sea, but to come up with ways to say: Come. Come and we will hold on to you because we all belong to each other.”

There is a man from our church who is currently with an organization called “Witness as Ministry.” WAM helps provide aid for those refugees all across the Middle East. Jean, President and Founding Partner of WAM,INC. sent out a letter to his supporters last night. As I read it, tears were brought to my eyes.
“As we watch in horror, our sight is filled with images of dead bodies of Syrian refugees washing up on Turkish shores and mangled bodies of children still caught in Syrian war zones. All we can do is pray for mercy. Lebanon houses a population of four million, with an additional 2 million Syrian refugees, 500,000 Palestinian refugees, and over 50,000 Iraqi refugees…the fate of millions in Lebanon is in limbo, and WAM continues with its limited resources to assist our partners to help alleviate the suffering, and spread the gospel.”

There are many people, like Jean and his team, who are trying to assist in alleviating the pain and the suffering that these people are going through during this horrific time. If you cannot give, which I still believe that all of us can give something, even if it’s quite a small amount, than I ask that you please keep the Middle East at the top of your prayer list. We need to bring these stories to our churches, to our families, and to our friends.

Our brothers and sisters, who are a sea a part, need our love and our support. Join the Movement to help out refugees by sharing the stories of the unheard and using the hashtag #HelpIsComing

Take a moment and read the following article by Voskamp. She gives several suggestions and links to different humanitarian relief organizations that will lead you to the basic steps of donating for the Syria Crisis.

5 Ways To Stand Up & Be The Church in The World’s Worst Refugee Crisis Since World War II

While we are between seas, may we not be between these refugees in our hearts.

I pray for a peace of mind and an understanding in our hearts as we choose to trust God, and be willing servants that not only speak about these issues, but also take action to those issues.

I do not have an answer. No, I don’t have an answer. But, the need to pray has never felt stronger.

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