When we open up ourselves, we allow others to see that our chapters are not far from one another. Perhaps, our stories intertwine and end up on the same pages, and suddenly we begin to realize that it is true: the images don’t tell all. She is human. He is human. We are human.

I never want my image to be a fesad.  And, truthfully, I have watched as vulnerability has built bridges between the lost and the saved, between the broken and the redeemed, and between the past and the future.

I had felt in my heart that humility is the key to ministry. These were words that God has placed on my heart. And, I add to those words. Vulnerability is a key that strengthens one’s ministry. When we expose the scars, like Jesus did to doubting Thomas, it is somehow enough to increase our faith and allow us to believe in the possibilities of our future. His grace is sufficient.

When we go through trials or struggles, I pray we don’t have an image that says I am without blemish.

I look at my scars and take a deep breath of gratitude. God has used my scars as the most powerful tool in my own ministry, to reveal to others the power of His redeeming love, to speak to someone in an empathetic way that connects us on a deeper relational level-in a way where humans truly feel one in the same.

We aren’t meant to be broken. We are meant to be full in Him. He uses brokenness to bring us into a deeper intimacy with Him. My dear, we were meant to be in a relationship with the King of Kings. And, what a beautiful, most marvelous gift this is indeed.

I have always struggled with poor body image, since I was a freshman in high school. When I was in high school, I was setting my standards to the world’s, rather than to the King. When I was re-filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus name, I began to see that God views us in such a unique lens. His perception on image is so different. Yet, I still struggled.

Day in and day out. Battle of the mind. Through both spiritual guidance, counseling, and prayer, God began to change my view of things and allowed the image in the mirror to be the same one that He saw.

It took a process of changing my thoughts as I began to make the choice to change my perception. No more unhealthy eating habits. No more working out excessively to the point of unnecessary injuries. No more comparing myself to every single woman I passed by.


I have said before how it took me time to truly believe I was beautiful, despite the past chapters that I wish I could erase in a blink of an eye. But, then I realize that those chapters were meant to be written, because that is where you and I meet.

We are images of God’s breath. Let’s embrace the chapters ahead and allow the chapters with scars to produce the most powerful image of God’s love for His sons and daughters.

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