Creativity takes courage. 

It’s past Midnight. And, as it has been discovered, the late hours into the night are most certainly my favorite hours to step into a land of creativity. 

When I write, I open a door into the beautiful world of whatever I would like that to be: fiction or reality. 

Henri Matisse once said “Creativity takes courage.” 

And, I have come to the realization that Matisse is indeed right. 

Creativity requires stepping out into the unfamiliar. It requires one to believe in him/her self. It forces one to step into new places and pursue passions that only seem like unreasonable or unnecessary dreams to the rest of our world. 

Perhaps, most of all, creativity requires courage because it takes vulnerability. One cannot be creative without being vulnerable. Through creativity, one is expressing his/her heart and the depth of who they are as an individual.

Whether it be found through simple words or through the eloquence of metaphors metaphors, it is certain that all people share a piece of their heart through their art, whether that be a beautiful or ugly thing. 

The next time you listen to that cellist, or watch the toes of a dancer embrace the stage, or read the words from your favorite novel, or become mystified by the textures of a contemporary painting, or lose your breath through the rich hues of a photograph, may you see beyond the art. May you see the person, the creator of the art.

I dare say Our Creator took a step of courage when He created you and I. When you see His artwork: how the foothills capture the silhouette of the sunrise, and how the stars, billions of them, echo across the sky, and how the trees change with the season, and how men and women a like walk this wonderous earth, may we take a moment to see the Individual, the Creator of the art.

I create because He first created me. Every moment of creativity is a courageous step to express the feelings, the depth, and love for the greatest Artist Himself.

May we find each of that in ourselves.

As in the words of C.S. Lewis, “Courage, dear heart.”

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