My Summer Dream.

7 homes. 5 time zones. 11 states. It was a summer dream to say the least.

I would definitely say that this was by far the best summer yet. When I boarded the plane for Maryland, I had no idea what lay ahead. While I had my own hopes and dreams, God’s dreams far outweighed them all.

Isn’t it amazing how God brings people into our lives for a particular season? I’m mystified and forever grateful how God has continually placed specific people in my life these past few years. This summer, He gifted me once again with friendships that can’t be put into words. I gained a couple sisters and a big brother. Even now that I’m back in California, it is such a cool feeling to know that I have friends on the opposite side of the U.S. who are always there for me and are praying for me. And, I for them.

The friendships and memories that I gained this summer is something quite wonderful.

As I lived out of a suitcase for three months, and continually packed and unpacked while I lived in seven different homes, I discovered things about myself that I didn’t know before. Even though I have known this all along, I came to the realization of how much I genuinely love and admire people, of how much I want to hear people’s stories, and of how much I long for writing to be a part of my career.

I recognize that I have a spirit about me that has a hard time staying in one place or being by myself because my energy comes from spending time with other human beings-each who are so unique and offer different insights that shape each of us and our mission. And, isn’t that such a cool gift we’ve been given?

We connect through social media with people around the world, but I long to turn those connections into real life meetings which turn into genuine friendships. Already, I have watched as this has taken place in my life this summer. “How did you meet?” “Instagram.” But, when two people who are so similar make the effort to communicate and not allow thousands of miles to be a barrier, you will come to see that there are others out there who also have a genuine love for people,rather than systems, and are driven by a specific, gifted purpose that allows us to be world changers together.

I long to build bridges between the known and the unknown.

We are the now generation. We are the ones who have awakened to the cause. We are stepping into different types of ministries, ministries beyond the four walls of the church that will bridge the gap between the secular and the church.

I love this quote by David Bernard:

{“Effective missionaries do not try to convert people to their language, culture, politics or social views. Instead, they try to learn about the target language and culture, and they seek to communicate effectively within that language and culture…”}

We don’t need to change the Apostolic message, but we do need to learn how to bridge the gap through inter-cultural communication.

Where God has placed me, I am a missionary to North America. So many of us are. Let us pray for one another, connect with one another despite geographical location, support one another and recognize that in our mission and our dreams, we are not alone.

While summer is almost over, I am so excited for this school year. I know that the best is yet to come. While I do not know where the road will lead me, I know that there will always be friendships and prayers supporting me along the journey.

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